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LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”

An LED is an electronic diode that converts energy (power) into light. A normal incandescent bulb uses only about 10% of the energy it consumes to make light, and the remaining 90% is converted to heat and therefore effectively wasted. LED bulbs on the other hand produce a tiny, insignificant amount of heat, which makes them much cheaper and more efficient to use.

Due to the low heat produced, you can place the light source exactly where you want it, e.g. close to a wall or ceiling. And thanks to the efficiency of the LED technology, you can install lots of lights without having to think much about the power consumption. As a rule of thumb, you can create 10 times as much light with an LED system without using any more power.

On top of that, LED light sources are much more resistant to shocks, impacts and vibrations. So, what’s not to like?

With power consumption of just one tenth of the incandescent bulbs, and a life-span of up to 30,000 hours, LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular and commonly used in both private homes and company buildings. They are admittedly slightly more expensive to purchase than the old incandescent bulbs, but significantly cheaper in operation. So, even in the short term, LED bulbs are a much better investment than regular incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lamps.

Save energy with LED bulbs

The long life of an LED bulb is a great advantage in places where it is difficult to change bulbs. Furthermore, LED bulbs are very safe compared to incandescent bulbs and they are not a fire hazard. They are therefore ideal for use in a child’s room, and can also be mounted in furniture and ceilings with complete peace of mind.

Large assortment

Vencosan offers a large selection of LED bulbs, spotlights, tubes and floodlights, including dimmable bulbs and spotlights. We offer LED bulbs with different sizes of sockets, spreads and effects: E14 for small sockets and E27 for large sockets. We also carry the very large E40, which is used for street lighting. In addition, we have a wide range of converters from small to large sockets and vice versa.


The efficiency of a light source is expressed in lumens per watt. Traditional incandescent bulbs provide 10-12 lumens per watt. Halogen bulbs with 230 volts have approximately the same efficiency as incandescent bulbs, while low-volume bulbs have an average efficiency of 15-24 lumens per watt, i.e. a 50-100% higher efficiency than the standard filament. LED bulbs have an efficiency of about 80-100 lumens per watt, so there is really no comparison! Whether in terms of economy, efficiency or practicality, there really is no sensible alternative to the LED bulb!

Colour rendering

Unlike the “old” bulbs, you can choose colours or daylight shades with LED lights. The ability to reproduce colours is indicated by the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) on a scale of 0 to 100. Natural daylight has a CRI of 100. Incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs have a CRI of 99. LED bulbs have a CRI of 80-90.

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